outdoor lifestyle for the fashion-conscious dog


Soft and warm fleece overalls and sweaters for everyday and city walks for short-haired and hairless dogs. 

Protect your four-legged friend with a nice fleece overall and hold the muscles warm.

TigerPop Dog Fashion's overalls and sweaters are sewn in sizes that fit breeds between 22 - 70 cm.

The overall is loose and free and keeps the dirt away.

We at TigerPop Dog Fashion have many years of experience with dogs, both big and small, and know the importance of the dog being able to move freely in the overalls. It's comfortable for play and fun, keeps the dirt away and your friend is also looking cool.

The material

The material is in warm and moisture-repellent fabric.

Warms muscles and protects against wind and cold.

Some items have a bit thinner fleece (tunnare fleece) which is described in the webshop on the overall it concerns.

Our range is available in fleece and jersey fabric.



              XXS   XS    S     M    L    XL   2XL  XXL 

Back cm:   22    28   35   38  50  54   58    70   

Chest cm:  32    34   48   52   62  72   76   82

Neck cm:   22    23   36   40   46  54   56   56 

Waist cm:  22    28   32   36   42   51  54   56

Special:      S1    S2   S3  S4   S5  

Back cm:    31   29   35  29   41 

Chest cm:   46   44  50  62  59

Neck cm:    34   28  33  47  45 

Waist cm:  29   32   34  46   40


Certain sizes of our fleece overalls have half a zipper on the back as standard. See below.

(This does not apply to the overalls in jersey fabric)


Sizes XXS, XS, S2 and S4 have half zipper on the back as standard.


Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, XXL, S1, S3 and S5, zipper is an optional

S1: Suitable for example, Bolonka 

S2: Suitable for example, Chihuahua.  Half zipper as standard

(not an option when choosing a hood).

S3: Suitable for example, Tibetan Spaniel

S4: Suitable for example, French Bulldog. Half zipper as standard

(not an option when choosing a hood).

S5: Suitable for example, Dandie dinmont terrier.


TigerPop Dog Fashion's sweater can get both in fleece fabric and in jersey fabric.

  • When buying a fleece sweater you can choose when ordering at the checkout at Add a note which pattern you wish, for example: Snowflake, Woofie, Snowie, Rock Star, Tigris, Safari, Orion, Elegance Pink etc. 


The measurements of the sweater.

The measurements of the sweater including the elastic edge.

The sweater should be about 7-8 cm longer than the dog's body/back length to

sit well over the hip/rump.  

Available in sizes:

XXL (back lenght 47 cm / chest size 52 cm)

XL   (back length 45 cm / chest size 52 cm)

L     (back length 42 cm / chest size 48 cm)

M    (back length 39 cm / chest size 46 cm)

    (back lenght 34 cm / chest size 38 cm)

Dog coats

The dog coat is in water-repellent beaver nylon with warming fleece on the body.  

Beaver nylon is a durable fabric made up of 50% cotton and 50% nylon or polyamide.


* The dog coat has a nice collar that can be folded up if needed.

* The material is keeping the dog warm and dry in bad weather.

   The perfect protection for your dog. 

* With reflexes on the sides, on the buckle, the dog is visible at a long distance.

* Buckles that can be adjusted according to the dog's breast size.  

* You can choose wich fleece fabric you want.  

See our selection of fleece fabrics, colors and designs on the Tab - TigerPopShop - Fleece.

'Add a note' when ordering the fleece fabric you want (enter the name on the fleece overall) eg. Tigris, Orion, Safari, Owls, Polar Blue, Red Camo, Flower (as in the pictures) or if you want a solid color: gray, black, white, pink, purple.

(Star Wars is out of sale).   

When ordering add also the dog's neck circumference.

The measurements of the dog coat

XL (back length 45 cm)

L   (back length 41 cm)

 (back length 35 cm) 

S   (back length 28 cm)

XS (back length 23 cm)



Here's how to measure. 

1. The body/back length is measured from the withers (between the back, the neck and the shoulders) to the tail root while the dog is in basic position (not from the collar).

2. The neck circumference is measured where the dog is thickest.

3. The chest circumference is measured around the dog's chest where it's largest, behind the fore legs.  

4. The waistline is measured around the dog's waist where it's narrowest (in front of the hind legs).


The chest circumference is the most important measure. The overall should always be at least 5-10 cm wider than the dog's chest area (on sweaters it may be a few inches less).

The dog should have a few centimeters extra of the other measures so that it doesn't affect freedom of movement.

Is size out of stock?

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our range has different fabric qualities (different fleece fabrics and jersey fabrics) 
which can affect the fit on overalls and sweaters even though the size are the same

Shipping Information

We ship worldwide and send all our deliveries with PostNord-Traceable shipping.

If your country isn't avaible at the checkout, let us know and we'll help you and add your country in the shipping list. 

The recipient receives a text message or a e-mail when the package can be 

retrieved, and TigerPop Dog Fashion receives a confirmation when the package is retrieved by the customer. The extradition need to be identified. The reciever must be able to enter the number specified in the notification.


Payment Information

At TigerPop Dog Fashion you can pay by PayPal or credit/debit card. 

The currency is in Swedish Krona SEK.


Right of withdrawal 14 days.


We follow the distance and home sales law.

This means that you have the right to return ordered defective goods.

Notice of this must be provided as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after you received the item.

(Does not apply to specially ordered goods according to chapter: 2; section 11 of the Distance and Home Sales Act). We follow the Swedish Consumer Agency's recommendations.


You pay for the return of the goods yourself, which must be in undamaged and unused condition.


You are responsible for the transport risk.


Once we have received the returned item and found that it is not damaged, we will refund the same amount to you within 20 days.

Enter the bank name, clearing number and account number.

For questions regarding returns / complaints, contact us at Customer Service


Please note that products that are specially ordered in size according to personal wishes are not returnable according to Chapter 2, section 11 of the Distance and Home Sales Act.


You pay the return freight.

If the goods are wrongly expedited by us, we will be responsible for the return.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the change. If you want to change a product then you have to make a new order and return the product you don't want.

We can adjust the measurements by a few centimeters if desired. 

Contact us, before ordering.

A fee is added of SEK 50 

per changed size.

Our overalls and sweaters are available with polo-neck, low-neck or with a hood. As a standard, we sew the overalls with polo-neck and the sweaters with low-neck.

If you want a low-neck, polo-neck or hood you specify in the shopping cart / checkout  'Add a note'



"The best therapist

has fur and four legs"

"My little dog -

a heartbeat at my feet"

"A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart"